State of Kansas License Plate


Benedictine College State of Kansas license plates are now available at your county treasurer! Support Benedictine College and show your pride with your very own license plate.

Here are the steps to follow to get your plate(s):
  1. You will receive your annual tags & taxes statement from the State of Kansas.
  2. Go to your local treasurer’s office to get your tags where you will:
    • Make a $40 donation per tag to Benedictine College (required annually).
    • State fees include a one-time $45.50 set-up charge is not tax-deductible.
    • Pay normal tag taxes and fees.
  3. Take home your new Benedictine College license plate.
  4. Send us a photo with your tag (optional, of course)!
  5. Future renewals may be completed in person at your local treasurer's office, by mail, or online at


Applicants must be Kansas residents who own passenger vehicles or light trucks that are registered for weight of 20,000 lbs. or less.

Can I order a Benedictine College License Plate for my motorcycle?
No, motorcycle plates are not available at this time.

Is my payment tax-deductible?
Yes and no. The one-time $45.50 set-up charge is not tax-deductible. However, your annual $40 donation is completely deductible. After 90 days of renewing, your tax deductible statement will be sent to you by the Benedictine College Advancement Office.

Can I use a previous donation to Benedictine College to get my new plate?
You are required to make a new $40 donation to get your license plate, past donations may not be used.

How do I renew my Benedictine College License Plate each year?
Tag renewal/donation can be done directly at your treasurer’s office, through KS Web tags or by mail. Your renewal statement will include your $40 donation to Benedictine College. Only one payment transaction will be needed when paying your statement (Benedictine College donation and tags/taxes all in one).

I'm not an alum or current student. Can I still purchase a Benedictine College License Plate?
Absolutely! These license plates can be purchased for any vehicle registered in Kansas.

Can I personalize my tag?
No. Numbers are assigned on a random basis. Current legislation does not allow for personalization of educational license plates.

What If I Have Already Renewed My Tag For This Year?
You will be eligible to immediately switch from your current tag to the Benedictine College tag for a minimal fee aside from the one-time $45.50 special plate fee and $40 donation to Benedictine College. You will also receive a new month sticker with your Benedictine College license plate.

What if I sell or trade in my vehicle that has a Benedictine College License Plate?
The license plate is your property. Keep the plate and complete a corrected vehicle registration form.

For more information, or questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 800-766-0078 or